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APA Style -6th edition

This guide provides resources for learning how to cite your sources using APA Style guidelines.

Book with One Author or Editor

If there is an editor instead of an author, you would simply insert the editor's name in the place where the author's name is now, followed by (Ed.).  The rest of the format would remain the same.
General Format

  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Author's surname, year)

  • In-text citation, quotation: (Author's surname, year, page number)

  • Reference list citation: Author Surname, Initial(s). (Date of publication). Title of work: Subtitle of work. Place of publication: Publisher.


  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Woods, 2011)

  • In-text citation, quotation: (Woods, 2011, p. 15)

  • Reference list citation: Woods, G. (2001). English grammar for dummies. New York, NY: Hungry Minds.

Author's Name Introduced in Main Flow of Sentence

You can also name the author in your sentence. If you do this, there is no need to repeat it in the in-text citation. Be sure to provide the year (in parentheses) immedately following the author's name. If you are quoting the author instead of paraphrasing, be sure to also include the specific page number after the quotation. 


Grammar expert Geraldine Woods (2001) reminds writers that they can't rely completely on compter spelling and grammar checkers.


Geraldine Woods (2011) reminds writers that "no program can catch all of your mistakes, and most programs identify errors that aren't actually wrong" (p. 15).