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APA Style -6th edition

This guide provides resources for learning how to cite your sources using APA Style guidelines.

Newspaper Article

General Format
  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Surname, year)
  • In-text citation, quotation: (Surname, year, page number)
  • Reference list citation: Author's surname, Initial(s). (year, month day). Article title: Subtitle. Newspaper Title, page range. Retrieved from URL [if viewed online] 

Example 1

  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Wallace, 2007)
  • In-text citation, quotation: (Wallace, 2007, p. A8)

Reference list citation:

Wallace, K. (2007, December 4). Passport applicant finds massive privacy breach. The Globe and Mail, pp. A1, A8.

Example 2

  • In-text citation, paraphrase:  (Severson & Martin, 2009)
  • In-text citation, quotation:  (Severson & Martin, 2009)

Reference list citation:

Severson, K., & Martin, A. (2009, March 3). It's organic, but does that mean it's safer? The New York Times.

Retrieved from